Q: Are we a military certified packaging supplier?
A: Yes. We are DCMAO Certified and we have all the specifications and materials for your needs.

Q: Do you make trade show crates and displays?
A: Yes. We manufacture reusable crates for your equipment.

Q: Do I have to give you a drawing to manufacture a crate; container or display?
A: No. Our design team can discuss your needs and provide a sketch. You can also provide an AutoCAD or fax a sketch drawing which we will manufacture from.

Q: Can you make a custom carton with our logo printed on it?
A: Yes. We can have our design team work with you to choose the right carton style and show you how your logo and shipping information would be placed on the carton.

Q: Do you do product testing? ISTA; ASTM; Transit Testing; for FedEx; UPS; DHL?
A: No. We arrange for an independent certified testing facility to do all of our testing.

Q: Our product keeps getting damaged can you help?
A: Yes. We have the expertise to design an economical solution to any issue you have.

Q: Is your lumber certified heat treated to ship to Europe; Asia; Australia? 
A: Yes. All of our lumber is heat treated. We participate in the ISPM 15 Solid Wood Packaging Program that is acceptable to all ports of entry in the world.

Q: Do you do rigging of heavy equipment?
A: No. We have relationships with quality companies that we coordinate with to move your machinery.

Q: Do you have personnel that can come to us and package our product?
A: Yes. We have a crew of trained packaging professionals that will take care of you. This is service is only available in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego counties.

Q: We want to pack our own product do we need special tools?
A: No. When we discuss your needs we can make it easy and fast for your personnel to pack any product that you have.

Q: Can we use a credit card to pay our invoice?
A: Yes. We can make arrangements for any choice of payments including purchase orders.

Q: We need some cushioning and vibration protection can you help?
A: Yes. We stock a wide variety of foams including Polyurethane; Polyethylene; Polystyrene.

Q: Can you manufacture intricate parts cut from foam?
A: Yes. We used the latest technology such as computer assisted cutting machines and dies.

Q: We just want to drop our parts into a box can you kit the packaging?
A: Yes. We can assemble all of the necessary components into the container to simplify the process.

Q: Do you sell packaging supplies besides custom products?
A: Yes. We have many stock products that can be purchased for your shipping department.