Keg Cave Products

The Keg Cave

Keg CaveJD Packaging Group, Inc.Has been researching and developing a method for small wholesalers to deliver cold draught beer without the use of costly refrigerated vehicles.

Although our revolutionary Keg Vaults have met the need of hundreds of wholesalers delivering large amounts of draught we realized that there is a need for a less expensive smaller unit for those wholesalers with special needs. This product will work well for keeping draught beer cold at special events.

The “CAVE” is a 3” thick foam cylinder that has been treated for durability and has been designed to hold a 1 ½ barrel. A laboratory test was performed at National Technical Systems in Fullerton, Ca. The results of the test by the “CAVE” rose only 3.7 degrees in 8 hour and 5.5 degrees in 12 hours with ambient temperatures reaching 98 degrees.

Those remarkable results will allow you to pour beer in its finest condition to your valued customers.

Below: Vinyl cover with your custom logo

Vinyl cover with your or without your custom logo

The KegEvator


The KEVEVATOR is the revolutionary tool that effectively aids drivers in the delivery of draught beer. It eliminates manually offloading kegs of beer by hand during the delivery process and also lifts kegs for safe and easy stacking when necessary.

Wholesales will also benefit by reducing Worker’s will also benefit by reducing Worker’s Compensation premiums simultaneously protecting their valued employees from potential injury through attacking the reason of injury at the root of the cause.

Benefits of The KegEvator
  • Reduction of lifting injuries & protection of your workforce safety.
  • Reduction of Workers’ Comp overhead through elimination of lifting injuries. 
  • Average lost time back injury costs over $50k
  • Improved tenure workforce performance through no lost production time and retraining expenses from injuries.


The Keg Vault

The Alternative to Refrigerated Trucks

A1 Insulated Keg Vaults have allowed wholesalers all over the country to maintain draught temperatures during delivery that are well within Anheuser Busch limits. Wholesalers in warm weather climates of California, Arizona, Kansas, Idaho, Louisiana, and Montana have all shared success stories. Arizona wholesalers are using A1 Insulated Keg Vaults in temperatures up to 120 degrees to stay within Anheuser Busch guidelines. If you have experienced any problems keeping kegs below Anheuser Busch limits let us assist you by introducing you to our vault.

A1 Insulated Keg Vaults:

  • Allow the wholesaler to deliver draught and package beer on the same truck, increasing productivity
  • Standard sizes will  accommodate a pallet, thus eliminating hand stacking
  • Expand the load-building window at night
  • Constructed of galvanized steel these units will serve your needs for years to come
  • Custom sizes available
  • Allow the wholesaler to deliver cold kegs to late opening accounts
  • Keep the wholesaler compliant with brewery standards

Keg Vault

Are you searching for a feasible alternative to refrigerated trucks that complies with Brewery draught product temperature standards? 

The Thermal Insulated Keg Vault is a portable cooler that is wide enough to accommodate both the draught pallet and the barrels. P/N TIS-4k, standard size 41.5 x 37 x 42 outside dims(custom size available by special order.) More importantly, keeps the draught beer cold. 

August 24, 1999 Anheuser Bush wholesaler in Orange County California agreed to test our product. 

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The Keg Rack

The Keg Rack

  • Compatible with any wet or dry storage environment.
  • Resists corrosion and rust.
  • Heavy duty, high-tensile extruded aluminum,type 6063-T5 alloy.
  • Racks feature three shelves – two of which are heavy duty for kegs and the third (usually on top) is for general storage.
  • Heavy duty shelves: Rectangular frame of 11⁄2˝ x 23⁄4˝ x 0.07˝ wall extruded aluminum square tube, with 11⁄4˝ x 21⁄4˝ x 0.10˝ T-bars welded inside perpendicular to shelf length. 3˝  spacing between T-bars.
  • Top general storage shelf: Rectangular frame of 11⁄2˝ x 13⁄4˝ x 0.07˝  wall extruded aluminum square tube, with 11⁄4˝ x 21⁄4˝ x 0.10˝  T-bars welded inside. 3˝ spacing between T-bars.
  • Shelves are adjustable in 2˝  increments. Each shelf corner has a welded-in-place heavy duty extruded aluminum collar with set screw.
  • Posts are 15⁄16˝ (33mm) diameter, marked in 2˝ (51mm) increments, and include end cap on each end.
  • Shipped knocked down, and assembles easily with allen wrench provided.