Keg Vault

    P/N A1-4 Keg Vault

    The A1 Keg Vault is a portable cooler that is wide enough to accommodate both the draught pallet and the barrels.

    Are you searching for a feasible alternative to refrigerated trucks that complies with Brewery draught product temperature standards? The A1 Keg Vault is a portable cooler that is wide enough to accommodate both the draught pallet and the barrels, and optionally tall enough to stack one-sixth barrels on top of the half barrels.

    More importantly it keeps the draught beer cold. On August 24, 1999, the Anheuser-Bush wholesaler in Orange, California agreed to test our product. The pre-cooled A1 Keg Vault was loaded onto a route truck at midnight. Full barrels were transported from their draught cooler and loaded into the Vault at 7:15 a.m. The truck was then parked in their yard and left in the sun. It was a hot day with temperatures rising above 100 degrees.

    The following are results of the test:


    Liquid Temperature

    Temperature Change  

    Elapsed Time

     7:25 am

    37.7 F



    11:25 am         

    38.7 F   

    1.0 F

    4 hours

    3:25 pm

    40.2 F

    1.5 F

    8 hours

    7:25 pm  

    41.9 F

    1.7 F

    12 hours

    11:25 pm

    43.3 F

    1.4 F

    16 hours

    3:25 am

    44.2 F

    0.9 F

    20 hours

    The wholesaler has lowered the thermostat in their draught cooler and is now shipping barrels at 34 degrees. This change coupled with the use of the A1 Keg Vault will allow the wholesaler to:

    • Expand the load-building window at night.
    • Eliminate the hazardous practice of manually loading kegs into insulated coolers.
    • Remain compliant with brewery standards.

    The typical refrigeration unit cost approximately $19,000 dollars. In addition, the cost to insulate each truck bay is approximately $3,500 dollars. Unless a wholesaler is willing to retrofit his entire fleet, barrels will be delivered without adequate protection to ensure that the liquid temperature does not rise to temperatures that adversely affect the quality of the product.

    The A1 Keg Vault is practical, flexible, and economical. Please consider this innovative product as a feasible alternative to refrigerated trucks. If you have any questions, please call on me.